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Thank you for visiting Cornish Stonework and Plastering today. Here you'll be able to find information about me, my training and work history as well as a brief overview of the types of work I specialise in. Be sure to also explore my gallery where you'll be able to view photos of my past and present work.

About Cornish Stonework and Plastering

Cornish Stonework and Plastering

Welcome to Cornish Stonework and Plastering. My name is Mike Edwards and I'm a craft mason who specialises in stonework based in Cornwall with 20 years of experience and expertise in the trade.

Cornish Stonework and Plastering

I first began my training with a time-served apprenticeship in craft masonry at Cornwall College. After qualifying I became self-employed and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work alongside a locally respected tradesman and long-time family friend Bert Hemsworth (Bert can be seen sitting to the right in the adjacent image).

Bert was a master tradesman who relied upon over 45 years of experience within the trade. His expertise and knowledge was invaluable to me and helped hone and develop my skills even further for the next 7 years. Throughout these years with Bert I began to develop my own specialist interest in stonework as Bert and I were taking on projects that required stone-working skills.
This allowed me to realise and explore my own talents and interest in all types of stone-working techniques.

After Bert retired I continued working as a craft mason and stoneworker. During this time I enjoyed being involved in a variety of projects that not only included stonework but also barn conversions etc.

In 2014 I was able to work with Martin Edwards a locally renowned stonemason and family member with many years of experience and expertise of his own. Whilst we worked together I honed my stone-working skills even further due to the large number of stonework jobs we were able to complete. It was during this time that I fully realised that I have the same talents and passion for stonework that Martin and the three generations of our family before us have enjoyed.

Cornish Stonework and Plastering
Cornish Stonework and Plastering

Today I feel that I am uniquely positioned to provide my customers with a wide range of services that include all types of stonework, masonry, plastering and block-work. I am also able to provide a digger and skip-loading dumper to assist with my stonework or site/ground clearance as required.

Regardless of what your project may require; from all aspects of stonework, plastering or general masonry please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily discuss with you what you have in mind and how we can make it a reality together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, 
Michael Edwards - 2022

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